Presence and participation are the criteria 
for active membership.​
Participation in at least three monthly clinics per year delivering care (in person or remotely) the second Sunday of the month 6pm-7pm.
Participate in planning retreats
Currently Theresa Greller and Victoria Hawkins are the contacts
Participate in planning clinic attendance
Currently Renee Sharpless and Mary McNeal will be organizing presence and calendar.  Call Mary Maynard 216-228-0537 with questions or ideas.​

2018 Annual Summer Retreat Black River

Sacred Geometry and Our Stories-Connecting the Dots to Dissolve Our Wounds

Kar Foreman, M.Ed, Shamanic Reiki Master, Writer, Artist, Dancer

Our lifetime of story threads, woven into the ancestral stories we still carry, can create a tightly entwined fabric which keeps us from clearly seeing our truth and fully experiencing the joy and happiness we deserve. This two-day workshop will use ancient energies to clear the way to our hearts desires. In Class 1, we delve into the power of Sacred Geometry using the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube. Class 2, we write our stories, discover the stories behind our stories, and access the power of Geometry to dissolve the threads and the wounds they carry. This will be great fun! DATES TBA for Kar's events.

Annual Retreat Niagara Falls 2016

Shamanic Reiki Advanced Training Classes