Reiki Attunement 
Level II
Shamanic Initiation 
Circle of Influence 

Reiki Attunement III
Shamanic Circle of Power

These powerful sessions offer expanded ways of working with Reiki, the Universal Life Force.  Recognize and use your inborn high sense perception.

Working together, with Mary as your guide/instructor aided by Master Energy Transfers from Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin and White Tara, you will leave with an enhanced feeling of confidence that you can treat yourself, others, animals and the planet in advanced healing practices.

  • Full Reiki Attunements: Level I, Level II, and Mastery Level.

  • Body Memory to support your LightWork practice

  • Three Levels of Shamanic Initiation

  • Seeing, Sensing, Knowing, Hearing: find your Essence and Own it for Healing

  • Locations and understanding of energy anatomy-chakra, meridian, flow, spin, magnetics (basic progressing to advanced throughout the class levels)

  • Healing the Elemental Relationships

A powerful experiential workshop !
Divine Feminine Master Energy transfers
Clear, understandable didactic content 
Integration of methods of healing
Precise teaching methods
  • Skilled practitioners available for clinical support and individual hands on guidance
  • Strengthen and expand the Spirit in elimination of fear states
  • Strengthen and cleanse the Body from low frequency vibrations
  • Strengthen and focus the Mind in awareness, discernment and high sense perception

Locations of Classes will be expanded to
 Ideal Method as requested
Unity Spiritual Center  |  23855 Detroit Road  |  Westlake, OH  |  44145
Ideal Method * 6595 Brecksville Road * Independence OH *Suite #3 
2019 Class Series  

Level I: Shamanic Initiation: Circle of Honor and Reiki Attunement
March 8 (6-9 pm); March 9 (homework); March 10 (2-8:30 pm)
Sept 6 (6-9 pm); Sept 7 (homework); Sept 8 (2-8:30 pm)

Level II: Shamanic Initiation: Circle of Influence and Reiki Attunement
April 12 (6-9 pm); April 13 (homework); April 14 (2-8:30 pm)
Oct 11 (6-9 pm); Oct 12 (homework); Oct 13 (2-8:30 pm)

Mastery Level: Shamanic Circle of Power
May 10  (6-9 pm); May 11 (homework); May 12 (2-8:30 pm)
Nov 8 (6-9 pm); Nov 9 (homework); Nov 10 (2-8:30 pm)

  • This is the only Shamanic Reiki certification class in the nation.  
  • This class agenda provides a maximum of hands on learning, class discussion and self directed reading.  
  • This is the only class that provides monthly ongoing training at no cost.  
  • This is the only class that offers opportunity to practice in a monthly public forum with clients attended by skilled mentors. 
  • This is the only class that will connect you to a monthly clinic that offers care at a low cost to those in need.
  • This is the only class that has created a community of practitioners devoted to the Divine, the Planet and each other.  
  • This is the only class that meets for a retreat yearly ( at least ) to learn, bond and support the processes of Reiki and Shamanism in a recognition of unified energy.  
  • Join us.  It can change your life and the lives of those you love.

ALREADY CERTIFIED as a Reiki Master? Join us and receive the Shaminic initiations.  If you have already taken all three Shamanic Reiki classes you are welcome to audit any class for $30. 

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Ongoing mentoring clinics for practice and self care adjustments.
Shamanic practices to access your spiritual blueprint, communicate with the universal mind, and 
transform in to your highest self. 


To register make online payment and send me a confirmation email at 
notifying me how to apply the money.
I will send a return email to confirm receipt and instructions. If you have further questions, please call 
Mary Maynard at 216-228-0537
$700. for complete series prepaid

Individual classes $260.
We are eliminating separation by Uniting Divine and Planetary energies and creating a Global Community.

No Cost Annual Retreats that are Community and Skill Building!
Shamanic Reiki clinic is held each month to provide 
low cost care to yourself and others!
Invite your friends and family for a low cost professional treatment!
Designed by God, taught through Christ.  
More details about membership in the Shamanic Reiki Community.

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  • checks made out to Mary Maynard 
  • cash payment in person 
  • cash or check placed in the Centered Wellness safe at Westlake Unity Spiritual Center  
  • mail to address 1624 Onondaga Ave Lakewood, Ohio 44107 
  • Use YOUR paypal account option to "send money to friends and family" Neither of us are charged for this option. Process: enter the correct amount and send to my email address: 

*  Class cost can be submitted for medical or educational deduction
Mastery Level
Shamanic Circle of Power
Level II: Shamanic Initiation: Circle of Influence and Reiki Attunement
Level I: Shamanic Initiation: Circle of Honor and Reiki Attunement
ALL 3 Classes Prepaid
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