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Quantum Intuition Teleconference Series
Quantum Intuition Class Series
Dive Deeper in Your Life Skills and Coping Strategies

There are four groups of people who will benefit from this class series.

~You have it-unlimited, powerful intuition. But can you trust it?~

Is it dormant, hidden or even feared? Lightworkers and those naturally gifted in restoring balance can stay on the surface of the energy fields and still create positive change. Do you ever wonder what is above and below the surface? Around the corners? There are universes, galaxies and quantum levels of matter and energy forms that you can develop the skill to see, know and correct. Learn to point your huge intuitive power toward complicated challenges and dissolve the disturbance.  

~Have you been looking to outer circumstances~
and events as a catalyst for change in your life?  

Many people wait, wait, and wait for a critical push to unearth what is their natural born gift. Waiting kills passion. Learn to be the creative agent for positive change in your life, rather than watch the slow death of dreams. Happiness isn’t a luxury-it’s a requirement for a balanced life. Step up and own it.

~Wondering about the path you are traveling?~

Authenticity is your birthright-use this work to recognize the feeling and create it in your outer world. You have the ability and sometimes it bursts forward. What you still need are the skills and strategies to organize a system that is reliable and consistent. This practice can be for your personal use, or you can take it to those in need. 

~Not satisfied that you are genuinely meeting your potential?~

Too many people on this planet have been brought up in circumstances that proved little or no support and guidance. Or even in a culture that damaged or hurt your sense of self and esteem. Chronic or intermittent trauma deserves long term affordable care that touches all the levels that impact your love of the life you are living. Give yourself the chance. Invest.

Listen to your heart.  Hear if your dream is waking up in you. If you hear the call, this class is the investment to your next level of a value added life!
​                                                                                    ~


NOTE Class starts on the FIFTH Thursday of January 2019 then meets the fourth Thursday of every month from February 2019 through March 2020. 

Payment will be your registration and you will receive a confirmation email, instructions and the first packet of information previous to the class.
7pm on January 31, 2019* 7pm on February 28, 2019 * 7pm on March 28, 2019 
* 7pm on April 25, 2019 * 7pm on May 23, 2019 * 7pm on June 27, 2019 
* 7pm on July 25, 2019 * 7pm on August 22, 2019 * 7pm on September 26, 2019 * 7pm on October 24, 2019 * 7pm on November 28, 2019* 7pm on December 26, 2019 
* 7pm on January 23, 2020 * 7pm on February 27, 2020 * 7pm on March 26, 2020 
Contact me if you are unsure or have questions 
regarding this class or others!
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Fifteen monthly sessions support your long term needs for deep and sustained change.

Each are recorded to ensure you don’t miss a critical lesson. 

Take one lesson or use them all! Attendance at all classes is not required.

Reasonable cost for priceless information that is not available anywhere.