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   Third Saturday of each month  

Sept 9/16
Oct 10/28
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Apr 4/21

  The Ideal Method
  6595 Brecksville Rd Suite #3 
  Independence, Ohio
Fourth Friday of 
each month

Sept 1 ( for August )
Sept 9/22
Oct 10/27
Nov 11/24
Dec 12/22
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Mar 3/23
April 4/27

  Unity Spiritual Center
  23855 Detroit Rd
  Westlake, Ohio
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning
returns in September 2018
Quantum Theatre will continue throughout the summer .  See you then!

Thinking about it hasn’t worked! Learning about it hasn’t helped!

Quantum Living Theatre​​

                  where the ​                                         ​
​            ​                                
     ​becomes I'm Possible.​​

This class format extends the same theories and “talking point” 
concepts you enjoyed in Quantum Intuition and adds movement and role play. 

 Along with healing interventions, this group uses action methods to resolve issues, 
triggers and traumas for the stubborn or seemingly unsolvable situations in your life.  

Based in a model of cellular memory and epigenetics, people can use this time to work through feelings and behaviors that are deeply rooted. These hidden pain bodies 
in the roots are commonly unreachable to verbal interventions. 

Excellent for PTSD, embryonic, preverbal and disassociated events that 
continue to carry a charge of energy that blocks your joy and troubles your life.

The second Saturday of each month
Meet at Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake

There will be a break between 2-2:30pm, 
-bring a brown bag if you like.
Tea and water will be provided.

NOTE TIME CHANGE From July 14th to July 21, 2018 
No registration required. $47.at the door
These are the remaining class dates for the current Quantum Intuition Series.  Returning in September 2018 for a 15 month series.