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Quantum Intuition 
Life Series
is in a new format, new name and new time!  

The second Saturday of each month

Meet at Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake​


February 12, 2018 

There are three groups of people who will benefit from this class series.

You have it-unlimited powerful intuition. Is it dormant, hidden or even feared? Lightworkers and those naturally gifted in restoring balance can stay on the surface of the energy fields and still create positive change. Do you ever wonder what is above and below the surface? Around the corners? There are universes, galaxies and quantum levels of matter and energy forms that you can develop the skill to see, know and correct. Learn to point your huge intuitive power toward complicated challenges and dissolve the disturbance.  

Have you been looking to outer circumstances and events as a catalyst for change in your life? Many people wait, wait, and wait for a critical push to unearth what is their natural born gift. Waiting kills passion. Learn to be the creative agent for positive change in your life, rather than watch the slow death of dreams. Happiness isn’t a luxury-it’s a requirement for a balanced life. Step up and own it.

Wondering about the path you are traveling? Not satisfied that you are genuinely meeting your potential? Authenticity is your birthright-use this work to recognize the feeling and create it in your outer world. You have the ability and sometimes it bursts forward. What you still need are the skills and strategies to organize a system that is reliable and consistent. This practice can be for your personal use, or you can take it to those in need. Didactic and experiential lessons that will meet each learning style.

Class can be entered into at any point. Each segment of information is taught independently from the previous classes. Monthly sessions in two locations ensure you don’t miss a critical lesson. You may attend either class as you adjust your schedule and register each month or just commit to one location.  There will be an audio download for planned absence from classes that are registered and paid in advance.

$37. / class or discounted, $500. for the complete 15 month series.
Payment can be made through cash or check. Paypal requires an extra $5.00 on line.
Reasonable cost for priceless information that is not available anywhere.

Register through maryamaynard.com or contact inrightform@yahoo.com

   Third Saturday of each month except October 

Sept 9/16
Oct 10/28
Nov 11/18
Dec 12/16
Jan 1/20
Feb 2/17
Mar 3/17
Apr 4/21

  The Ideal Method
  6595 Brecksville Rd Suite #3 
  Independence, Ohio
Fourth Friday of 
each month

Sept 1 ( for August )
Sept 9/22
Oct 10/27
Nov 11/24
Dec 12/22
Jan 1/26
Feb 2/23
Mar 3/23
April 4/27

  Unity Spiritual Center
  23855 Detroit Rd
  Westlake, Ohio
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning: smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter
The principles of Quantum Intuition classes are so far reaching, many people have asked for an opportunity to Dive Deeper!   The first Monday of each month, I will re-open the concepts from classes  for discussion, personal connections and sharing your experiences. We will explore solutions and strategies for implementing the knowledge, skills and abilities to make the changes you desire for the Intuitive Life you are creating. 


Perhaps you missed a class or find that there is a pocket of pain or wound that is stubbornly resisting your geometric points! We will expand the exploration of any questions on current or past content.This is purely expanded work on the concepts and application and not required for the understanding of the outlined series of classes.Tea, water and of course, chocolate!

There will be a break between 2-2:30pm, so bring a brown bag if you like! Tea and water will be provided.

No registration required. $37. pay at the door.