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call 216-228-0537 for questions

  • All first visits are 90 minutes. This is comprehensive and addresses both general and specific questions of body, mind and spirit.  Healing work is incorporated into the reading. Subsequent visits range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes dependent on the complexity of the work.

  • Sixty minute office visits may be in person or by phone.  Less than 60 minutes is by phone only. 

I generally ask you to decide if you would like a follow up visits. If there is something specific you want to resolve, I'll give you the best answer I can on how long and how many visits it may require.

When I initiate a follow up call to you there is no charge.  At times, during that call, you may have more questions that are outside our initial consultation. If there is time, I will ask your permission to initiate a session then or advise you that what you are asking deserves more attention and invite you to make another appointment.  This is especially the case if you would like to include another person in your questions.

Cancellations accepted 24 hours before appointment. If you are late or not present, I will continue serving you through remote healing at the appointed time and you may call later, if you like, to follow up or inform me of a way to connect with you by phone. 

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60 minute  $185. 
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30 minute $115.  
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15 minute  $75. 
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10 minute  $55. 
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