Transmitters and receptors connect the world both within and without.
Get connected. Stay connected.
30-minute meditations for transmission of energy frequencies as indicated for each month followed by a 30-minute Q&A. Carefully calibrated to aid in personal ascension, clearance of cultural distress and planetary stability.​

DNA and energy reprogramming, healing, clearing and re-calibration.

April 2019 ~ ABSORPTION 
The purpose of this Empowerment is to initiate absorption of your lower self-ego, will and personality into your Higher Self and the original blueprint of your DNA as expressed through the human form. Focus is upon submission and surrender of the open heart to the One Heart. HPA Axis of the body form reset and renewed.

May 2019 ~ MAGNETISM 
The purpose of this Empowerment is to embed your magnetic system to strengthen your ability in knowing, seeing, sensing and correcting your manifest form to the Earthly magnets that met you the day you were born. Envision and manifest your co-creative relationship with every magnetic being on the planet. Repair of electrical overload and recalibration your auric shield. Transmitters and receptors of the central nervous system will be stimulated.

 June 2019 ~ SYNERGY
Create the One Mind balance of your energy centers especially the heart, brain, chakras and meridian pathways. The harmonization of the hemispheres of the brain and all polarities attuned to function as a unified whole. 

July / DELAY TILL 8/2/19 2019 EMERGENCE 
You are a multidimensional intelligence and consciousness. Emotional backlog from the ancestral, family, tribe and clan create barriers. The psychic and emotional body requires the alchemy of sound to open your original balance and process of smooth release and response. Toning required, so find a place of privacy that does not include domestic animals. They are sensitized to your release and the experience can be troubling for them. Rejoin them, cleansed and purified. RECORDING FROM 8/2/19 EMERGENCE

August 2019 ~ GALACTIVATION 
You are from the stars. Your perceptive channels long to reunite those connections. The energy transference focuses on strengthening the soul bridge to the One Heart and removal of any adverse interference for your traveling throughout the levels.RECORDING FROM 8/22/19 GALATIVATION

September 2019 ~ PROSPERITY 
What is the prosperity consciousness that terrorizes our planet? Be a part of energetically releasing and editing the DNA imprints of lack, doubt and low self-worth programs, release genetic misperceptions that create energy fields interfering with brain processing. Consider taking some Gingko Biloba one hour before session to feed the processes. Check with your health practitioner.

October 2019 ~ LIBERATION 
The matrix of competition, survival and creation of self-centered actions underlie human programs of limitation. Release the denial toward patterns of attachment to personal identity, create a cellular transfiguration process that activates the heart magnetics in self-love and the immutable recognition of other love.

November 2019 ~ IMMORTALITY 
Authentically live fearlessly from the realization of your eternal nature. Recognize the human conditions that create suffering and correct the separation of mortal and immortal. Relax into the recognition of repatterning the consciousness that restricts human comfort and support to a linear time, space thought form. 

December 2019 ~ COHERENCE 
Aligning the microcosmic and macrocosmic principles of material to immaterial spectrums of thought forms. Leading from the Heart to the Mind to follow the path that has zero resistance. Math not required.

February 2020~ REMEMBRANCE 
Who Am I? Universal rhythm, universal memory accessing the Divine remembrance of the holographic nature of our world and who you are as a multidimensional being. Damage, trauma, injury, illness and disease as chimera and illusion.

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