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Electromagnetic Frequency

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People have extra challenges - 
Are You Going with the Flow, 
or Trying to Push the River?

Does your life feel like a struggle? 

Maybe you are trying the Push the River.  

That river is the biggest health challenge of our century.  Electromagnetic Frequency.

 EMF is a silent, invisible energy form that is  everywhere, effecting every living structure. 
Take just a few minutes and find out your level of EMF exposure. Are you an HSP or Empath?

You will also get a recommendation on which Shield is best for you.
Solar Storms
Cell Phones
Sun Spots
Power Lines
EMF possible 
corrections and 
protections for you.

I have tested and used dozens of products for EMF protection.

  I decided to become a distributor to offer discounts to those in my practice.I do not advertise or promote this product beyond this mention. EMF is troubling for me to treat as it is pandemic and complicates so many other easily corrected imbalances. 

Please don't take my experience for your own. Read up on EMF and decide. Check out the information on the buyers guide below regarding the Bioelectric Shield and let me know if you would like the discount.