The DNA choices are unlimited-physically, mentally, emotioinally, psychologically and  spiritually.

“...quantum physics and the nature of our spiritual evolution are used as a first step to “rebooting” what each person carries in their cellular memory." Mary Maynard
Forty Day Commitment-made easy! 
MARY MAYNARD presents objective study, research and experiential practices in a 40 day teleconference format.  Her powerful energetic methods ensures each student benefits.  She is a precise, accurate medical intuitive and energetic healer with an international practice based in success and private referral. ​
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WHO Benefits?
Anyone on Earth who would like to continue their incarnation on this lovely, evolving planet. Earth is a living Creature, just like us. The impulse creating this evolving life is impacting our DNA. Our physical matter is shifting and reforming as the vibrations of the planet recreates its own perfection-with or without us. It is a call for us to transform "what matters to our matter". DNA is the key.

WHAT is the Ascendancy? 
One theory is that humans had all 12 Helix's connected. This form is believed to be the genetic perfection (that we currently recognize.  By intentionally revealing and removing interferences in each body-we are bonded with all parts of Creation.


HOW do we start? 
In a Divinely channeled process we uncover and transform each individual's DNA true order. Sounds impossible-time consuming, perhaps expensive? Mathematics, physics and the energetic commitment of the group create portals. Some of you have the skill to see this; but all will feel its effects.  The integrity of the DNA is reclaimed and activated-level by level. 

WHERE do I have to be located? 
People have worked in this class everywhere from car, boat and plane to baking cookies at home while "on the line". There are no limits on your choice of experience.  If you miss a class the download will be there in the morning for you to listen along or send to your phone / computer. 

WHEN are you ready to call back your power? 
Now. The theory continues that our Helix's have been attempting to repair 
themselves naturally and return our DNA to its original state. This natural process of genetic repair has been ongoing for thousands of years, but is now accelerating due to a number of events occurring on the spiritual and planetary plains. Make it fun and get support for the process.

WHY does this work? 
Scientific inquiry on physical DNA during the last 500 years has found that structure, out of chaos, is the underlying order. The current structure and order of our systems is not at its best due to the disruptiom of the natural order of break down and build up. Not just the humans but the planet-work with these processes to have the best break down possible!

Each Class in the series is $500. 
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Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm EST $50.
teleconference session * previous students only * limited to 10 participants
Nov. 29, 2016 Feb. 21, 2017, May 16, 2017, Aug.15, 2017, Nov. 21, 2017 

  SERIES DATES FOR 2017 and early 2018

  DNA Reformation Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST
January 2017 AND June 15 through July 13, AND October 12,19,26,November 2,9 

 DNA Transformation Thursdays 7-8:30pm EST
May 11th through June 8, 2017 AND July 20th through August 24th ( skip 8/17/17 ) 

  DNA Ascendancy 2017 Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST
January 4,11,18,25, through February 1, 2018

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