The DNA choices are unlimited-physically, mentally, emotioinally, psychologically and  spiritually.

 "Physical, mental, emotional, psychological and energetic bodies each have their own DNA.  Finding the Soul path, locating the barriers and vaporizing the corruptions is exciting and powerful." Mary Maynard
In 2010 MARY MAYNARD developed a process of treatment and training that rewires the epigenetic components of any DNA pattern-physical, mental, emotional, psychological,energetic, embryonic and psychic. Research based and intuitively guided information combined with skilled energetic corrections are intense and lasting 

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WHO does this serve?
People have joined this class with life altering diagnosis, debilitating function and crippling emotional burdens of life circumstances and events. DNA is the key and you can choose how your cells mutate when you learn the skills.

WHY does this work? 
Scientific inquiry into physical DNA has proven that our current environment is disrupted.  The natural order of break down and build up is disconnected and has become a threat to human evolution. Navigating the changes we have brought to the planet requires super speed in our cellular structure and education in our choices. This class provides the "speed".
This investment will not only change your life now -it will continue as long as you choose to live this pathway.
This 40 day teleconference format allows you the freedom and convenience of being in any location while receiving powerful bioenergetic attunements and daily support. 
Students Say

" never mentioned on the website that this was fun.  I really looked forward to our classes and my calls as the bright spots in my week."

"I have no cancer markers as of last pet scan. I know it was this class and the unending love you have given me.  Thank you from my glial cells. LOL!"

"Telling someone what this class was about is really hard.  I found the packets of information so useful. I printed everything and keep it in a binder on my desk.  Every day, I take a look at one or two of the notes I left for myself. I really feel the improvement has held, even though it has been four months ago.  Amazing."
These classes are packed with information and create dramatic changes in your body, mind and life. Re-taking a class every few years is encouraged as a supportive and preventive measures. You can do it on your own or learn to accept the unending guidance and support that your Life needs.  
DNA Complete Series
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DNA Select Classes

These classes are deductible on your taxes for medical, work consultation or education.

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