I have created a process built on research, quantum physics, epigenetics, body  / mind techniques and Divinely channeled planetary information. Medical Intuitive information will guide your every step.

DNA Reformation
...Begin the Journey

Within the human body, ancient cellular memory is conflicting with the demands of  human existence. The stress is seen in every quantum particle of the body. In Reformation class, learn how to harmonize epigenetic patterns while eliminating corrupted long-running human conditioned scripts. Access the power of a group vortex to create change not possible on your own. An upgrade is required to survive the environmental challenges of our time!


please check the date changes below and send a confirming email to inrightform@yahoo.com 
that you are still enrolled. I recognize that the dates may no longer work for your schedule.
 I DNA Reformation 2018

Wednesday 7-8:30 pm EST
September 12,19,26, October 10,17 ~ 2018 CURRENT / FILLED

II DNA Transformation 2018
Wednesday 7-8:30 pm EST
 November 28 December 5,12,19,26 ~ 2018

III DNA Ascendancy 2018
Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm
October 24,Tuesday the 30th this week for Halloween, November 7,14,21~ 2018

Wednesday 7-8:30 pm EST
February 13,20,27 March 6,13,20 BONUS CLASS 3/27 2019

Previous Students, as always, welcome to repeat class at half cost.
 email your interest inrightform@yahoo.com​​
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  • A highly researched and easy to follow packet of information arrives each week one to two days before the next class. This packet is a visual key to the concepts used in the class and remains a workbook for future changes you discover in your system checks.
  • The teleconference calls are used to create a vortex of energy, assess each students needs and initiate the next level of attunement that will open the DNA to it's highest and best morphic resonance.  The Ascendancy class continues the upgrading, correcting and installing the default memory systems for your God code DNA. System checks and balances for noting and transmuting Ascendancy symptoms keeps you in the flow of positive choices for change.
  • Every class will include mp3 / computer download recordings for catching up, reviewing and future DNA repair work.  Particularly useful to listen to during sleep hours.
"Mary offered a complex teaching in layman’s terms with great care and patience."

"The weekly meditations alone were priceless."

"She is a precise, accurate medical intuitive and bioenergetic healer." 
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