A process built on research based quantum physics, epigenetics, body  / mind techniques and Divinely channeled planetary information. Medical Intuitive information will guide your every step.

  • “ The meditations alone were worth the cost.”
  • “ I loved having the 5 minute practice times...even I can afford 5 minutes.”
  • “I use the downloads on my IPOD during workouts to “reboot.”
  • “ I travel... and glad it was so easy by phone!”
  • “...this class may have saved my life. I was so stressed and depressed.”

DNA Reformation
...Begin the Journey
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Mary A. Maynard  © 2016  All Rights Reserved
Within the human body, old memory fields mixing with new patterns of organization create disorder when harmony is not present. When you are running corrupted scripts cemented into place by the genetic code. of ancestry the body's communication systems get confused as to where to read the code and what string of information contains the correct sequence. 
Access the power of a group vortex to create change not possible on your own. 

Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm EST $50.
 teleconference session 
previous students only
limited to 10 participants

November 29, 2016 February 21, 2017, 
May 16, 2017, August 16, 2017 and November 21, 2017 
  Register through payment on paypal 
and email me which dates are your intention.

  DNA Reformation January 2017 Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST
  DNA Transformation May 11,18, 25 June 1, 7, 2017 Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST 
or Mondays May 29 through June 26
  DNA Ascendancy 2017 September Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST
  Beyond Ascendancy 2017 November Thursdays 7-8:30 pm EST
  • Each class is a 40 day commitment.  Five powerful 90 minute teleconference and practice calls accelerate your progress and anchor the epigenetic skills in real life practice.  
  • A highly researched and easy to follow packet of information arrives each week one to two days before the next class. This packet is a visual key to the concepts used in the class and remains a workbook for future changes you discover in your system checks.
  • The teleconference calls are used to create a vortex of energy, assess each students needs and initiate the next level of attunement that will open the DNA to it's highest and best morphic resonance.  The Ascendancy class continues the upgrading, correcting and installing the default memory systems for your God code DNA. System checks and balances for noting and transmuting Ascendancy symptoms keeps you in the flow of positive choices for change.
  • Every class will include mp3 / computer download recordings for catching up, reviewing and future DNA repair work.  Particularly useful to listen to during sleep hours.

Reformation, Transformation and Ascendancy is the sequence.  
Each class builds on the previous classwork and is a prerequisite to continue the series.  
The teleseminar format creates accelerated opportunity for change at half the cost and twice the speed of individual sessions!  Payment process on DNA page.