Student's Say

"How can I thank you?  This class has changed my whole way of thinking." 
"I still have a crappy job, but I understand how it will unfold for me. I'm good!"
"I am so done with doctors and drugs."
"Relationships never have worked for me.  It's not the relationships and it's not me either.  
I'm okay with letting that go.  I have abundance."
"My pain is a 1 out of 10.  I can get out of bed. I can walk. 
The depression and fear is starting to lift and I'm affirming that it is permanent."
A process built on research based quantum physics, epigenetics, body / mind techniques and Divinely channeled planetary information. 
Medical Intuitive information will guide your every step.

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 I DNA Reformation 2019
Saturdays 3pm-4:30pm EST
September 21, 28 October 12,19,26  

II DNA Transformation 2018
Saturdays 6-7:30 pm EST
September 21, 28 October 12,19, 26  

III DNA Ascendancy 2019
Saturdays 3pm-4:30pm EST
November 16, 23, 30 December 21, 28 

Saturdays 6-7:30pm EST
November 16, 23, 30 December 21, 28

Previous Students, as always, welcome to repeat class at half cost.

Chronic nuclear particles in the air, electromagnetic frequencies from satellites, chemicalized water sources, weather manipulation and genetically modified foods are corrupting our DNA.  This class addresses mutations from embryo to current and provides corrections that will alert your body and your children's bodies to recognize and manage environmental challenges.

DNA Ascendancy 

Earth is a living Creature; just like us. She benefits DEEPLY from our work. The environmental substances that are being released into the elements is creating a need for her to "shake loose" much of the human experience that we love. Petroleum, nuclear particles, heavy metals, hormone disrupters are troubling to all. The paucity of needed minerals and subtances that are leached from the dirt is addressed. How to clear it from her and from your own system? Learn her name and follow her evolution as the sacred connection to your tissue in DNA recoding. 

The electromagnetic impulses on the evolving planet life are impacting our DNA profoundly and consistently. Learn to be in tune and love with the process. Our physical matter shifts as the vibrations of the planet recreate its own perfection-with or without us. It is a call for us to transform "what matters to our matter".

In this class I use a Divinely channeled process to uncover and transform each individual's DNA true order. Sounds impossible-time consuming, perhaps expensive? Mathematics, physics and the energetic commitment of the group create portals. Some of you have the skill to see this; but all will feel its effects. The integrity of the Divine DNA is reclaimed and activated-level by level in you, form you and by you. Claim your place in the plan and do your part.
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All 3 DNA Classes
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