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"Being presented with the idea that it IS possible to change our DNA is amazing in and of itself. Mary offered a complex teaching in layman’s terms with great care and patience. The weekly meditations alone were priceless."

 Shamanic Reiki Series
Uniting Divine and Planetary Energies for a transcendent practice.  This is an extensive class series for certification.  For those interested in creating a healing practice or self improvement.

  • A monthly offering the second Sunday of each month 
  • Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake 23855 Detroit Road, 
  • 6pm -7pm  Open to the public, first come, first served 
  • by students and veteran practitioners.  
  • Low cost 30 minute sessions for $10.
"packed with a lot of info and warmly supportively processed" 

"I had so many Ah Ha moments and I really liked the time spent on questions" 

" much to practice...I'm excited" 

" I've already participated in a healing for someone!" 

"excellent food" always loving and supportive-thank you"  

"Amazing. I feel like a different person since the class started."  

"I get now how Reiki and Shamanism work to bring us further into oneness."  

"wish class was longer-I'm glad we will have monthly meetings for practice."


Coaching & Mentoring in Healing Practices
I am committed to mentoring holistic health practitioners at a low cost.  Many years of practice and guidance from my own mentors has proven how necessary it is for skill building and advancement in your self healing and career.  Call to discuss how mentoring works for you, your practice and your skills.

​Join me for an exquisite lunch created with an eye towards education and fun. A lecture on the monthly topic will encourage a lively discussion as we eat and sample new pathways for food and metabolism. Combined with individual healing interventions, the topics change each month and are focused on holistic aspects of food and mind, body, spirit health. 
“ Be a life long student. Neutrality. Balance. 
Alive. Awake. Aware.”
DNA Reformation: ...begin the journey (Teleconference Class)

Reboot the best DNA cellular memory of your choice.

II DNA Transformation: ...walk the path (Teleconference Class)

A deeper study on manifesting choices; examining and clearing your 
personal  environmental impacts, embryonic influences and your 
channeled guidance for health. 
III DNA Ascendancy: here now (Teleconference Class)

Astrological upgrades, dissolve Root Chakra cellular memories of survival, 
safety and security, archetype elimination, Soul Path Recovery, Cut the 
Cords in the physical form.
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Quantum Intuition Series-online for the first time!

Listen to your ascendancy symptoms! If you hear the call to expand and ground at the same time- this class is the key to your next level.

Monthly sessions ON LINE starting in January 2019. Recordings available so you don't miss a critical lesson. $47. / class or discounted, $600. for the complete 15 month series paid in full.

Excellent investment in your self care for priceless information that is not available elsewhere. Payment through or contact

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