EMF Protection Buyer's Guide

Polarity Therapist, APP - Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies - 2004
Lymphatic Drainage - Upledger Institute - 2002
CranioSacral Therapy - Upledger Institute - 2001
Reiki Master - Usui Lineage - 1999
Total Body Modification - TBM - 1996
Bachelor of Science, Nursing - Bowling Green University - 1992 
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - Instructor, NCI Institute - 1988
International Society of Psychotherapy and Psychodrama - Trainer 1985
Associate Degree Science, Nursing - Cuyahoga Community College - 1976
Yuen Mastery Chinese Energetic Medicine 1995-current 2015   
NET level one-2014
State Certification Polarity Therapy Practitioner  2004
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant  1999
Association of Holistic Health Nursing 1997
Sigma Theta Tau, Academic Excellence 1992
American Heart Association, Basic Level current - 1976

At fifteen, I thought I would never want to do anything other than be a Nurses Aide in a nursing home.

 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to survive on $2.50 per hour.  For ten years, even as I was earning a degree as a registered nurse, I knew I was doing an important job and making a difference daily.  

What I didn't know is that I learned every critical personal and relational skill needed to be the practitioner I am today.

Patience with everyone. No small thing is small to the person that needs it.  Be accurate. Measure correctly. Be honest.  Admit your mistakes and learn from them, even if it gets you in trouble. Someone's life depends on you. Get it done at the right time. Listen to people who know more than you. 
Listen to people who you think know less than you-you may be wrong. Smile.Be kind.

Show up and be prepared to work.  By 26, I graduated and entered into a position at a large medical facility. Along the way, I discovered that I have a gift of medical intuitive skills.

Yuen Mastery Method Chinese Energetic Medicine
Lymphatic Drainage
Reiki Mastery
Craniosacral Therapy
NeuroEmotional Technique NET

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Total Body Modification 
Medical Intuitive Consultation
    (216) 228-0537 

Pranic Healing
Since that time, I have become certified in many holistic health and western medicine skills.  

 I created certification series: DNA ReformationQuantum Intuition, and Shamanic Reiki. 

Conscious people use these classes to create private practices or to develop personal care skills. I delight in mentoring Light Workers in their business management and skill upgrades.
EMF I have tested and used dozens of products for EMF protection.I only endorse one. The Bioelectric Sheild is what I have used successfully for 20 years.

  I decided to become a distributor to offer discounts to those in my practice ( only ). I do not advertise or promote this product beyond this mention. EMF is troubling for me to treat as it is pandemic and complicates so many other easily corrected imbalances. 

Please don't take my experience for your own. Read up on EMF and decide. Check out the information on the buyers guide below regarding the Bioelectric Shield and let me know if you would like the discount. 
"I discussed the health effects related to the explosion in wireless technology the past few years, along with solutions that can help everyone..."      more 
People often ask me what are the best methods for maintaining health.Knowing where the biggest challenges are to self protection determines your path.