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Polarity Therapy, 
Yuen Mastery, 
Registered Nursing
Medical Intuitive
NeuroEmotional Technique
Pranic Healing Level I
Centered Wellness Affiliation,Founder
Total Body Modification, 
Reiki Mastery, 
Lymphatic Drainage, 
Craniosacral Therapy,
Shamanic Reiki, Founder

I am blessed with the opportunity to work with people around the world in many situations and settings. Distance healing is 40% of my practice and has been highly effective in serious situations of allergies, obesity, cancer management and accidents as well as the ongoing needs for life coaching, mental health, trauma resolution and Divine Guidance in spiritual crisis.  As a medical intuitive, the depth of each person's ability to heal and grow into their “best self” shows me miracles every day.  

Word of mouth has created and sustained my full time practice in Lakewood, Ohio as a holistic health practitioner for nearly thirty years  Being a part of your family support system allows me to use every aspect of my training and experience.  

From infant needs, elderly challenges, sports injuries, and developmental counseling to wellness and preventative health and fitness, my practice is exciting and I never stop learning.  As a Registered Nurse, I am welcomed in hospital settings for many different needs.  I have attended birthing, surgical support, chemotherapy treatments and transitions which are painful. I am often asked to interpret and help to understand medical language and what might be the best questions to ask their care team.
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The following individual care services are a part of my Holistic Health Practice. 
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Quantum Community
Intensive program 


All first visits are 90 minutes. This is comprehensive and addresses both general and specific questions of body, mind and spirit. Healing work is incorporated into the reading. Subsequent visits range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes dependent on the complexity of the work.

Have a list of concerns or questions for the meeting. Your guides and mine will have everything needed to organize the session! Please save those thoughts till we meet. 

Sixty minute office visits may be in person or by phone. Less than 60 minutes is by phone only. 

Most clients record in person sessions on their phone. If you are having a phone session and would like to record, please let me know and we will meet on the conference line.

(712) 770-5597 Access Code 674698

Follow up Sessions-I leave it up to each individual to decide if you would like a follow up visit rather than deciding for you. Each person processes differently.Trust your body wisdom.

Call backs initiated by me-I may call to see how the adjustments are settling. I intend those calls to be less than five minutes. If during that call, you may have more questions that are outside our initial consultation, I will ask your permission to initiate a session then or advise you to make another appointment. This is especially the case if you would like to include another person in your questions.

Cancellations are accepted 24 hours before appointment. If you are late or not present, I will continue serving you through remote healing at the appointed time.

How Long a session do you need? A single topic focused call can be 15 minutes. Something more detailed may need 30 minutes.Please honor the time limits, as it creates a late start for the next appointment.
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