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It's good that I can intuit what might work for you, but it's great when you learn the skills needed to choose for yourself.”  
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"Working with Mary has resulted in changes in my life I didn't know were possible. My major problems are over and I see her seasonally just to stay in tune with myself for prevention..”  

 “I give gift certificates to friends and family-each one is very grateful!” 

"Not needing to have knee surgery saved my golf game and now I know how to position myself to prevent injury."

“I know my care is individualized, because all my friends go to her and none of us are doing the same thing to feel great!”  

"Her skill and willingness to synthesize divine guidance and natural world events in my life have brought resolution to my chronic back pain."

I know that when I get my lab results, I can have an in depth conversation that makes sense out of recommendations made by my doctor.  I'm not rushed and every piece of information is validated."

Word of mouth has created and sustained my full time practice in Lakewood, Ohio as a holistic health practitioner for twenty years, so having a website is a new adventure for me.  Since you're here, you may already know that my focus is family care.  Being a part of your family support system allows me to use every aspect of my training and experience.  

From infant needs, elderly challenges, sports injuries, and developmental counseling to wellness and preventative health and fitness, my practice is exciting and I never stop learning.  As a Registered Nurse, I am welcomed in hospital settings for many different needs.  I have attended birthing, surgical support, chemotherapy treatments and transitions which are painful. I am often asked to interpret and help to understand medical language and what might be the best questions to ask their care team.
There are many goals in any plan of care.  My focus in treatment is twofold. To work toward your immediate health needs, but also to take time to assess and and address prevention potentials.   For example: a visit for a severe earache can reveal that the child is also having problems socially with delays in small motor activity.  These "soft" signs are consistent with craniosacral symptoms and are very responsive to treatment in young clients.  Solving the painful ear is primary: preventing further developmental issues is best.

I am blessed with the opportunity to work with people around the world in many situations and settings. Distance healing is 40% of my practice and has been highly effective in serious situations of allergies, obesity, cancer management and accidents as well as the ongoing needs for life coaching, mental health, trauma resolution and Divine Guidance in spiritual crisis.  As a medical intuitive, the depth of each person's ability to heal and grow into their “best self” shows me miracles every day.  

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"I never thought 5 minutes a day would make a difference."

"I feel supported and have people I can call with any "crazy" idea."

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